August 2007 Podcasts


August 2007 Podcasts

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The Bookshop Game - 1st August 2007 Where we ask for books that don't actually exist....
Lindsay Lohan - 7th August 2007 Proof that Lindsay Lohan is driving people out of Hollywood!
Hot noises - 8th August 2007 Ladies, what are the noises that make you swoon? Guys, what should you play a lady to make her want you? Hear the 'jiggy noise'.
Brad Pitt - 9th August 2007 One of the many celebrity voices on flirt divert...
F Cup Cookies - 14th August 2007 Scott and Chappers weigh up the benefits of the newest Japanese invention - cookies that make your boobs grow - and there are animals using the Flirt Divert number.
Louis Walsh - 14th August 2007 Louis drops into the studio to discuss his sacking from and reinstatement to being a judge on X-Factor, the new series and what he really thinks of some of today's music artists!
Scott gets robbed - 17th August 2007 Just how honest are the general public? a wallet is 'dropped' on the streets of london asking the finder to ring Scott when it is found - will it get returned in one piece? AND Scott tries some very strange sexy time role play on Laura.
The Bubba Game - 21st August 2007 Scott's away but here are some of his golden it's 'The Bubba Game'.
Florists will write anything! - 22nd August 2007 Scott's away so here is Chappers presenting some golden's when we get florists to write anything...
More Mills Gold - 23rd August 2007 It's more Scott Mills Gold! We've got sick jokes, the posh noise, and chaos in supermarkets across the country!
Darth Vader - 24th August 2007 More of Mills' golden moments on the its Darth vader calling a garage, Laura dresses up as a man, and the classic take-away game!
Stuck in the bog - 29th August 2007 Scott gets stuck in the bog, The Simpsons in French and the follow-up to 'How To Make A German Laugh'- hear how a German radio station gets its own back on Scott.
Cookery and Innuendo Bingo - 30th August 2007 We've got cookery-themed Innuendo Bingo, a Random Act Of Kindness involving the kids from 'High School Musical' and Alan Carr reading out the Flirt Divert texts.
The Beauty Pageant - 31st August 2007 KT Tunstall drops by for a chat and performs some 'singing telegrams' for lucky listeners, a profound insight into global education from South Carolina's beauty pageant and the return of 'Are You Sick' - three tails to test how twisted your sense of humour is.
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Unofficial Mills is run and paid for by fans of the show. Large numbers of streams and downloads cost us money. Help us by donating to pay for hosting costs by donating via PayPal here.